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Management Team


Founder and Director of IIFTC. He is the man with a plan and he will make you an offer you can't refuse. His hobby - being the Editor of CinePort Magazine | His belief - a little party never killed nobody


Director of Mercury Integrated (Promoters of IIFTC). She is stunning, she is smart. she rules our world.she has mastered that art. This Ace wedding planner and a master chef, loves to dress.but is really hard to Impress


Convenor of IIFTC & our in-house film Industry expert. A stickler for perfection, avid foodie, would rather spend time in a real jungle than the urban version, thinks Test cricket is ultimate & loves cinema to bits…


As Head of New Initiatives, he is the man to go to for every solution. Extremely energetic and bubbling with new ideas, an actor by passion and producer by profession with vast experience in the film industry.


International in her outlook but Indian at heart, Our Client Servicing Manager is a multifaceted personality who is an extrovert, loves to try new cuisine and is a big Bollywood buff. She is compassionate and believes in giving back to the world.


Energetic, SweetTooth who is a Disney character in herself. A GenZ of our team whose moto is to work hard & party harder cause YOLO. Seamless in her work & kindness in her heart, she generates a friendly wave around her!.


Our Executive Assistant holds an MBA in finance and is a theatre enthusiast who loves bombil(Bombay duck). She's a film nerd who is also passionate about plants and books. She loves to find artistic refuge in everything around her.


A master in accounting and he works his magic with flawless counting. If you have a problem, he is the go to person for the solution. With a knack for travelling, live life to the fullest is his motto.


Founder of Ideaaworks and our in-house Creative Director. Artist by profession… DJ by passion. Loves to work on a tagline... after all it's the idea that works


Co-Founder of Tangar Group of Companies. A Graduate from Mumbai University… tech expert with seven year of experience in IT and Co-creator of this cool website.


Masters in Information Technology, this lovely lass is tech expert at Trigun Infotech and Co-creator of this website. She is good-natured and soft spoken but turn on the music and you will find her wild side..


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